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General Help
Basic Guide to Telescopes
Which Telescope for Beginners
Telescope Designs
Binocular Basics
Glossary of Optical & Telescope terms
Watch Out!!! - Our Beginner Awareness Guide
CCD and Telescope FOV Calculator
Eyepiece and Telescope Calculator
Compass Basic Polar Alignment
Drift Method Polar Alignment
Optical Filter Guide
Collimating Your Telescope
Using and Collimating Your Laser Collimation Tool
Solar Filter FAQ and Selection
Introduction to CCD astrophotography
Product Reviews & Testing
SAXON 102 air-spaced Triplet Refractor
BAADER Semi-APO filter test
Saxon AZ5 Heavy Duty Alt-Az mount
DayStar QUARK review
HOTECH SCA Field Flattener
iOptron Solar 60
Synta 190 Maksutov-Newtonian  
Synta / Saxon AZ-EQ6 dual purpose mount
Synta 12-inch GOTO Dobsonian
Synta / Saxon Star Discovery Pro mount
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
VIXEN SX DX and X-Y guide mount
VIXEN R130Sf Newtonian
VIXEN's AX103S refractor (plus mag reviews)
VIXEN VMC110L and bino-viewer
VIXEN R200SS with Corrector PH review
ProStar - Mobile Phone Finderscope
Orion Optics UK ODK10 disaster!
Customer Images
VIXEN VC200LCustomer Images
VIXEN R200SS f/4 Customer Images
Moravian CCD camera
Synta 12-inch Newtonian images
Synta 200mm F/4 CF OTA images
GSTAR - EX Cameras (older)
GSTAR-EX3 Astronomy Camera
Instructional Videos (Practical)
Quick Guide to Star Trail Astrophotography
Using the VIXEN Polarie Star Tracker
Using a Bahtinov focusing mask
AstroShop Video's on
Collapsable GOTO dobs (flash presentation)
HOTECH SCT collimation P.1
HOTECH SCT collimation P.2
HOTECH SCA Laser collimator
DayStar SolaRedi set up and use
Useful Online Tools
Solar System Simulator
Generate Solar System Ephemeris
Guide to the Sun & primary Planets
International Space Station Time Table
Jupiter and its moons
The Moon
Software & Links
Asimoplan astrophotography mosaic planning software
Astra Image image processing
AstroStack image stacking tool
Cartes du Ciel Planetarium software
Deep Sky Software
DeepSky Stacker freeware image stacking tool
Gondwana Telescopes (made in Australia)
LunaView 2000 easy to use lunar software
Registar image rotate-scale-align
Registax freeware image stacking tool
Stellarium planetarium
Virtual Moon Atlas
Product Guides / Manuals / Tech Tips
Make your own solar safety aperture cap
BAADER - Hyperion Eyepiece Guide
BAADER - Semi APO filters
BAADER - Narrowband filters
BAADER - MPCC set up options
HOTECH SCA T-adapter User Guide
HOTECH O-ring adjustment for adaptors with slop 
HOTECH Advanced SCT collimator Guide Part 1
HOTECH Advanced SCT collimator Guide Part 2
HOTECH User Testimonials
ProStar Optics (Australia)
ProStar - Astro-Tech 2 inch Field Flattener
ProStar - Metal Red Pattern Finder setup
ProStar - Narrow Band Filters
ProStar - LRGB Imaging Filters
ProStar - Lunar Planetary & Guiding Camera
ProStar - Mobile Phone Finderscope
Synta / Sky-Watcher / Saxon
SynScan Polar Alignment Procedure
Synta Product Manuals
Collapsable GOTO dobs (flash presentation)
SynScan Tour Manual
Meade LX90 series user manual
Meade LX850 series user manual
Meade LX200 ACF series user manual
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker review (Paul Russell)
Vixen Optics Australia website
VIXEN Binocular Comparison Chart
VIXEN accessories guide
VIXEN Visual Back guide
VIXEN Adaptor Table guide
VIXEN Photographic Adaptor Table
VIXEN ED Focal Reducer guide
VIXEN Wide Photo Adaptor guide
VIXEN SX Accessory Plate
VIXEN GEOMA Field Scope Accessories Guide
VIXEN AXD Mount Specifications
VIXEN SXD Mount manual
Collimating the Vixen VC/VMC200L
Collimating the Vixen VMC110L
Collimating the Vixen R200SS optical tube
VIXEN Polarie Sky Tracker
VIXEN Polarie Astrophotogrphy (by Roger Groom)
VIXEN VSD100 F/3.8 Astrograph
VIXEN A105M F/9.5 Achromat Refractor
VIXEN driver ASCOM for Starbook 10
VIXEN VMC260L reviews
VIXEN SSW Wide View Eyepiece review
GSTAR-EX Cameras
GSTAR-EX3 - USB3 Colour Camera
GSTAR-EX3 - introduction video
General information EX, EX2 and CLR models
GSATR-EX4 - Deep-Sky Colour Camera
Camera accessories attachment chart
Astronomi Magazine (Norway) GSTAR-EX article
XAGYL Filter Wheels
Ascom - USB Drivers - Firmware - Manual
Xagyl Filter Wheel Review

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