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DBK 41AU02.AS 1/2-inch Colour CCD Camera

As part of our policy to check out as many products we supply as realistically possible, the Imaging Source DBK 41AU02.AS colour camera was tested on a near full moonlit night using a ProStar 127mm APO refractor and Lumicon 2-inch focal reducer and IR blocking filter. The telescope was unguided and exposure times up to 10 seconds would have been possible without notable drift appearing in each exposure.


M8 Lagoon Nebula

Above: M8 Lagoon Nebula. It is a stack of 168 x 5 second exposures with dark frames exposures subtracted


NGC104 Globular Cluster

NGC 104 Globular Cluster - Stack of 16 x 5 second exposures with dark frames subtracted.

Moon taken with 127mm refractor

The Moon - Stack of 10 best exposures from a ProStar 127mm Refractor.

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