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LunaView 2000 was featured in Sky & Telescope magazine
and NetGuide Magazine with supplimentary CD

Night Sky Magazine

Welcome to the original LunaView software for the beginner wanting to know a little more about our nearest neighbour the Moon.

The most popular feature of LunaView 2000 is its simple to use "Point & Click" lunar globe. Mare labels, crater names, image maps with supporting text are simply one click away! The current phase of the moon can be seen in the remote control monitor window while rise and set times can viewed from a selection of capital cities around the world. There is also a detailed database referencing lunar surface features and history behind the names.

LunaView is a reference tool for amateur lunar observers, public observatories and interactive planetariums. You can download a fully functional freeware version below.

The "Point & Click" lunar globe Note: The program presents only a Southern Hemisphere perspective. Only the smaller phase window seen at right can be set for Northern Hemisphere views.

My Astro Shop's LunaView 2000 screen shots

Location map for each image

Amateur telescope views with supporting information.

Lunaview was originally written to operate on Win 95/98 98SE operating systems.
This freeware version  has been tested on Windows 2000
and Windows XP with success but cannot be assured.

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Download file size 7.6 M

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