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Our sincere thanks to those customers for their comments and feedback.


Although you're a Queenslander now, you guys are still the best and most honest dealer around in my opinion Steve!. Thanks again.

Jon Clarke (NSW)

The binoculars arrived today and they are excellent!

The quality, clarity and value for the money of these Vixens will do me just fine!!   Thanks for your recommendation to buy the Vixens and your quick order turn-around.  

I'll recommend you to anyone.

M. Gryl (QLD)

Dear Steve

Just a note to tell you that I have been more than satisfied with your very excellent and speedy service and wide range of quality astronomy products.

Having just started into this hobby before the end of last year I found your website through a Google search along with many others but decided to purchase from you because of your very professional attitude when I called to clarify certain things and was pleasantly surprised to receive more than 100% good advice!! I like the fact
that you have a very detailed website. What even surprised me more was the exceptionally quick delivery of
all my orders which arrived in a couple of days and good advice before I committed to the purchase!

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone at all

Bill Yeo (W.A)

Dear my astro shop

You probably don't remember me but I phoned you umpteen times to check that a telescope I wanted to buy my husband for Christmas would really come up to his fussy requirements. It did and he is delighted!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful advice, honest approach and especially the time your staff took to explain the differences between the bewildering possibilities. Like many time poor last minute shoppers I did search the shops yet found very few knew anything about their products. Your company was friendly and delivery fast so best wishes to all of you and please feel free to use this as a testimonial for your wonderful web site!

Dianne Kirk (QLD)

Hi Steve, the GSTAR-EX is nothing short of amazing as a deep sky camera. It took me a little while to work the menu system out but once I had it figured it all worked just as you said it would. I'll have to sell the Meade camera now to keep the other half happy about the investment.The GStar software is also just as excellent and easy to use. Thank you for making it available freely! It's worth paying for believe me.

David Simmons (QLD)

Dear Steve,
I wanted to email you in relation to the ProStar 127mm APO scope that I purchased from you. I'm glad that I listened to your judgement on the scope and I am so pleased to say that I now have the scope that I have been dreaming of for ages.

The scope arrived the day after you dispatched it in a double cardboard box with rubber inserts between them to minimize transport bumps. Inside the boxes was the biggest aluminium case I've ever seen with the scope and accessories nestled within. It's a beautifully presented scope, with a deep white paint scheme and contrasting blue anodized aluminium. It exceeded my expectations - as there is no plastic in sight, just machined aluminium. I could rave for hours about the focuser, diagonal and alignment scope as they really are brilliant.

The scope is excellent optically, I looked for hours at various stars and Saturn - testing it at high and low magnification. Suffice it to say that it has less CA than my WO 80mm triplet using the same eyepieces (and I'm happy with the 80mm). Colour only appears at very high magnification but that may also have been due in part by atmospheric aberrations as well. Star patterns are identical inside and outside of focus and when at focus, pinpoint stars have a faint diffraction ring surrounding them. The focuser will easily handle the weight of my ST7 or 350D cameras, with no give at all. The 10:1focuser is a real joy to use at high magnifications as the point of exact focus is easily obtained as the image snaps to clarity at that point. No more hunting back and forth for best focus. Despite the weight of the scope my HEQ5Pro mount easily handled it and balanced easily.

I'm most impressed with my new scope and the attention to detail you provided so that I felt confident in my purchase. That type of care went a long way to making this customer happy and secure in the knowledge that I was dealing with a fellow astronomer that wanted to share the hobby and not a supplier that just wanted to make a quick sale. Thanks again Steve for your thoughtfulness (and a beautiful scope).
Regards, Allan Gould (QLD)

Brilliant advice and prompt service. Very happy with the new binoculars. Thanks again.

Karen Parker . (W.A)

Regarding the Atlas of the Southern Night Sky

"When I first picked up this book, I was particularly impressed by the quality of the publication. The binding, quality of paper, and general appeal was that of a book that I would assume to be sold at around double its price. Later, when I studied it more closely, it came home. This is the book that we've all been waiting for!

I regard myself as a "hobbyist". I have been looking skyward at night for some 45 years and have owned many telescopes,(and still own too many!) and consequently many "Star Atlases". The norm is that you pay a lot of money for a slim volume with a lot of pokey charts and a cursory regard to the Southern Hemisphere. It is so refreshing to find an atlas that is well produced, well written, well illustrated, and dedicated solely to us in the Antipodes (and entirely Australian).

Moreover, this Atlas would be user friendly to anyone at entry level, but still provides enough info to satisfy the most experienced "astronomer" using relatively small tubes in the field (and lets face it, few of us can afford big scopes, and when the night sky is a hobby, and you are not a Scientist, well you don't get time on the big ones)

Particularly pleasing is the non inclusion of objects of a magnitude too small to see by the average home user, as these things tend to clutter charts up (and perhaps raise false expectations?) and I really enjoyed the little "tips" that pop up at various pages.

Well done to the two "Steves". Now that you have given us something Australian

Vince Legge (QLD)

As a first time ever imager, the GSTAR-EX truly amazed me. I set up my scope, literally took the GSTAR EX out of its sealed unopened box, placed it in the scope, connected the power and video cables, turned on the monitor and what do you see, Centaurus A sitting beautifully in the middle of the screen. It was that simple. I have to say that I have not had a more enjoyable and exciting moment in star gazing. I highly recommend this camera and the great support given by myAstroShop to all.

Michael Clark (NSW)

Steve, just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding customer service of the last year or so. I had reason to use one of your competitors recently (for something you sadly couldn't supply) and even though the service was fine and the device works 100% I still had to follow up to find out when my parcel would arrive. I've never have to do that with My Astro Shop.
Also, I can't believe that I waited so long to buy the GSTAR-EX. I've wasted a year when I could have been imaging. This device is amazing. As a novice with only two short imaging sessions under my belt I was able to not only image the Horsehead from suburban Sydney but also see it clearly on the monitor.

I do have one complaint though - Thanks to the GSTAR my very expensive eyepiece collection have become very expensive paperweights. I don't really need them using the GSTAR and the monitor. :-)

All the best and keep up the great service

Mike Holliday (NSW)

Dear Steve

Thought I would give you some feedback on the OT15mm UWA eyepiece that I recently purchased as well as the 30MM UWA the same stable. I used them last weekend on a 2" diagonal and 8" SCT f10 scope. The views with these eyepieces were far, far above what I expected
from this price range of equipment. The 30mm gave wide panoramic views of M1 and M42 that had excellent contast and detail at least 80-90% of the view. Some may say the edge performance drops off a little - it does but I generally recenter an object to get the best view without going to peripheral type viewing. On the Sunday night the 15mm was nothing but
exceptional. With the 8" scope the Trapezium was 6 round points of light.

Steady views with sharp, contrasty details. The view was better on that night than I can remember through my 10" with any other eyepiece. There are a lot of comments on the web about these eyepieces - for one, I am more than happy with them and they are exceptional value for money. They give very satisfying wide angle views such that objects you have seen time and time again appear fresh and in a different context. I found it hard to go back to a 1.25" eyepiece irrespective of its field of view.

Worth far more than I paid for them and I would recommend them without hesitation.
I was also pleased with your prompt and efficient service.

Many thanks.
Allan Gould (QLD)

Hi Steve

Just thought Id say thanks for your advice that led me to buying the ProMak180 last month. Its proven to be just what I wanted as a portable general purpose telescope. I was a bit concerned due to the f15/2700mmFL but the more I use it the more I'm impressed. Haven't had a chance to it use on planets yet but at a darksky site the other weekend got great DSO views even with the small FOV - high contrast and crisp stars using just a standard TV25mm Plossl.

Chris Wakeman (NSW)

Great service and a really good experience with with this company. I have been very well looked after and would highly recommend them.

Hugh Beddard (W.A)

Dear Steve

Well good service MUST be responded with a big thank you. I couldn't believe it when I arrived so late to pick up the eyepieces that you had your own telescope set up for an inspection. I don't want to sound gushy but this was really unexpected and made me feel much more confident about the surprise purchase! Where else could someone buy something so technically oriented and which they thought they knew little about and find a true expert showing and demonstrating them the differences. WOW!
Peter was so pleased with the gift and will be in contact with you soon for some further suggestions. He said the Vixens completely transformed the LX90 far beyond what he was used to seeing with his existing eyepieces. I felt proud to be able to give him something different for once and would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to you for taking the time to talk with me and showing that good old fashioned service has not died in this country.


Fiona Crowley - (QLD)

Dear Steve

Finally had a chance to do some observing tonight and try out the OT30 and 15 ep's. WOW, they performed every bit as good as you said they would with the ED100. The view was amazing across the whole field of view with only showing the slightest distortion at the very extreme edges where I could hardly bend my eye anyway. Certainly gives the sensation of being among the stars. It's a great eyepiece and not definitely the same as the other cheaper version I'd looked through. Thanks for the suggestion!

Paul Holmes - (NSW)

"I am simply amazed at how this camera (GSTAR-EX) picks up faint light."

"To easily see galaxies and fainter stars live on the monitor that I used to struggle to glimpse through the eyepiece before is truly amazing and even in moonlit skies for goodness sake!

By stacking a few minutes worth of video frames, it pushes the limit to well below 18th magnitude with my 31.5 cm Newtonian telescope. That is way deeper than I ever achieved with fast film and 40-60 minute exposures. I'm impressed."

Steve Quirk - (NSW)

Dear Steve, Good to see you're back in the saddle and working in the business you love once again :-).I heard you on the radio on Monday and and the new ep's arrived that same afternoon.
Wooah, the 66° ep kit is as good as you said it would be - if not, perhaps better than i'd really expected. Isn't it amazing how ep techology has improved? Good luck with the new online business...I'm hearing lots of good stuff around the traps. You always were a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the average joe on a tight budget (yes me) seeking good gear.

Scott Janson (NSW)

Hi Steve, The bits arrived today no problems and WOW the lvw13 is amazing. Tried it tonight with the Celestron and I can't remember seeing so much detail on Jupiter. Even Callisto right at the edge of the eyepiece view appeared sharp as a tack! Thanks for the suggestion.

Michael Watson (QLD)

Unbelievably good service and advice; a rare thing to find these days Steve. Thanks so much for spending the time to show me how the scope all goes together and the tour of your great southern night skies! Love the Ultra-wide eyepiece too; best I've looked through.

Darren Jackson (U.K - NSW)

I would just like to thank you for the service prompt delivery of the fantastic telescope which I purchased from your store online. The telescope was better than I imagined, and being able to see Saturn, Mars and a few double stars on my first night was excellent. I only wish for constant cloudless nights! Also, your site has a wealth of information that I have found extremely useful, and will continue using for a long time. I will be definitely purchasing from your store again and will be recommending it to anyone else interested in astronomy. Well Done!

Mr. Samuel Goodwin (NSW)

Dear My Astro Shop

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the SW450 telescope an your help with the childrens
questions which Dan and i could not conceive of answering. Both are out tonight with the telescope enjoying the Moon and I think Venus but for once away from the TV.

Ms. Anne Simpson (NSW)

Hi Steve,

Great to meet you last week and thank you for the book and binoculars. The prompt service
was better than expected. We enjoyed watching the International Space Station for the first time after getting the useful time table from your website. Moves very fast doesn't it!!!

Mark Hammond (S.A)

Dear Steven

We really enjoyed your talk last week and are glad we came. I was a little unsure about what we were seeing through the telescope because the galaxy appeared so dim but when you explained why and how, Karl and I now understand far more than we did before the talk. You're very passionate about the subject aren't you...tee hee. Your book has also been a great read and has inspired us to spend more time out under the stars. Congratulations on the My Astro Shop. We look forward to meeting you again.

Maria - Rockhampton (QLD)

Dear myAstroShop

Just a quick note to say a "BIG" thank you for the prompt delivery of the SW450. We knew it
was a last minute effort and genuinely appreciate the lengths you went to getting here in time for xmas. Only wish we hadn't already spent money on a 60mm telescope from...***.. which was more trouble than it was worth but now understand the differences you explained.

Mrs. J. Richards (NSW)

Thanks again for the prompt delivery. The telescope is better (bigger) than I'd expected. Thank you for spending so much time explaining things. Very helpful as usual.

Jason Clarke (NSW)


Excellent communications and true to word and form: very reliable and friendly

Super Fast Supplier. Quality Product. Thanks

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